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Michael Kupka named Research Fellow,4/2010
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      MY©K 3-D is Michael Kupka's web site featuring a conceptual art piece "The Stereoil Process" comprised of 88 paintings and drawings produced from the binary information embedded in his original stereoscopic (stereoview) photos.
All pictures are for sale at

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Stereoil Discovered
on Mars
Stereoil paintings of Mars


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Ed Ackerman is arriving in Toronto for Hot Docs
For all the details to this point:

Hot Docs Trailers 2013: SPECIAL ED

World Premiere in Toronto
Special Ed screenings at Hot Docs:
Mon. April 29, 6 p.m., TIFF Bell Lightbox 3
Tues. April 30, 10.30 a.m., ROM Theatre
Sat. May 4, 9.15 p.m., Innis Town Hall

Hot Docs World Premiere: Winnipeg's Special Ed...Canada Newswire

POV magazine article

His world reknown IMAX movie



Stereo 3D slide shows

Red/Cyan Glasses in Toronto, ON at
Ontario Specialty Co. 133 Church St 416-366-9327

*Cherry Blossoms, High Park,
Toronto, April, 17 2012

* Credit River, March 2009

*santa parade 2011

*Niagara Falls

*Cherry Blossoms-2010

*Helen and Susan's Art Show Opening

*Canada Blooms 2011   * Flash version

*Yorkville Winterfest 2011

*Whodunnit Thank You party jan.20, 2011

*Santa Claus Parade 2010

*6 St Joseph House Bell Box 2 and neighbourhood

*Nuit Blanche, Toronto, ON, Oct. 2 & 3

*Carrot Common - Building Green Roof

*Canadian National Exhibition- Midway 2010

* CBC-TV Culture Days, Toronto, 9.23.2010

*Wellesley Fire, Toronto 7 alarm, 9.24.2010

*St Joseph Street Fair 2D

* Bay Cloverhill Community Association
Mayor's CleanUp 2010

*St Joseph St Soltice Streetfair

*Friends of Yonge Street Walk 1 slideshow 2d/3D
*Introduction Video

*Canada Blooms 2009 1


*St. Patrick's Day Parade, Toronto, 2009, 2D & 3D

*Calgary Stampede '07- Rides part 1
Part 2

*Nuit Blanche 2008, Toronto, a walk

*Snow Scenes, Branches,'08. 2D & 3D

*Snow Scenes  Icesolated

*Snow Scenes, Toronto, '08, 3D & 2D

*Ottawa 2008-pt2-Walk to NGC, 3D & 2D

*Lake Louise Walk Up to the six Plaines, 3D & 2D

*Very Near the top, 3D & 2D

*Going Down from Tea House-Lake Louise, 3D & 2D

*Stanley Park, Vancouver BC 7/2007 3D & 2D
*Santa Parade, Toronto 2007 3D & 2D

*Santa parade, Toronto 2008 3D & 2D

*Moving Knights of Columbus Building
26-'08 Right views of 3D - 3D available
*video about move

*Boys Night out
Fundraiser for prostrate cancer
2d to be available in 3d

*3D Canada Blooms 2009

3D Fusionism Plus...with stereoview painting
and anaglyph photos by
Michael W. Kupka

Show Gallery, 978 Queen St. West, Toronto, 416-531-5591
east of Ossington
updated February 10, 2007
Reception 7-9pm Feb. 10, some photos
Soireé Thursday Feb. 15 Musical get-together 6-...
Bring an acoustic instrument or voice


*Challenge Toronto, May 7, Perram House

*Challenge Toronto, May 14, St. John's Bakery


6 St. Joseph House Community Enterprises Photo Projects

*Mayor Miller's Clean-up Day, April 23, 2005
1001 Bay St and 6 St. Joseph Party

Canada Blooms Flower Show 2005

Paynter Home Fundraiser -
at 6 ST. Joseph House, Feb. 6, 2005

*A Tribute to Rumi
Afghan Student Association, Ryerson University

*100th Santa Parade, Toronto, 2004

*Canadian Aboriginal Festival, 2004, Powwow

*Learning Enrichment Foundation
"Building a City That Cares"

   "Life's Work"
is the Sale of Michael Kupka's 37 years of work.
  Geared to the seasoned collector, it may be useful to one that is looking to create a new museum. It's a odd situation; the works have been   widely shown yet remain rather anonymous. The sale includes:
  • Approximately 77 of 88 remaining pieces of the "Stereoil Process"
  • 80+ Pre-Stereoil paintings
  • hundreds of double-line drawings leading up to "Revallusions"
  • many other drawings
  • notebooks dated to 1971
  • insights into the creation of Stereoil
  • a TV interview
  • one year of undivided attention regarding the creation of a DVD
  • first choice of the new paintings
  • and even help decide the subject matter
  Artist for Hire, toronto, canada
Available for Freelance, Full-time, and Part-time employment.
Fine Art Commissions, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Animation etc.
"Space Shuffle on 3-D TV", stereoview oil painting, 36" x48" each, 1985

Story and Sale
Right Side Stereoview Painting by Michael Kupka 1985 Left Side Stereoview Painting by Michael Kupka 1985

The Complete Information Centre regarding "The Stereoil Process"
Stereoview Drawings Only
Stereoil Drawings Only
Stereoview paintings Only
Stereoil Paintings Only
Stereoview Photo Directory
Stereoil Photo Directory
Anaglyphs Require Red and Cyan 3-D Stereo Glasses
Digital Waterecolours - Studies for Oil Painting Commissions

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