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A Joyful Living Workshop

All beings, regardless of their perceived circumstances, have the right to an abundant, joyful, healthy and peaceful life on Earth, with access to all of the “Divine Goodies”, including Love, Hope, Grace, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Peace and Joy ! … As Divine Beings, we are interconnected with each other and with all of the Universe.

Using a variety of techniques, or “tools”, along with the teachings of Jean Vanier, Robert Ellwood and Rumi, among others, a typical Joie de Vivre! workshop includes:

* Joyful, inspiring music, and creative      movement
* Cartoons
* Hat exchange
* Introspective and playful art activity
* Storytelling
* Gratitude and Reflection

   Activities, as well as the time-frame of each workshop, are dependent on such variables as: group size and composition, location, and resources available. In addition to the above-noted activities, other “tools” such as journalling/creative writing, mini-script writing, and instructional storytelling may also be used. A typical workshop is about 2 hours in length.


   Life is changing, fast and furiously in the 21st century … As the old ways continue to disappear, sometimes we are left feeling confused, uncertain and struggling to hang onto the comfortable, familiar things in our life. As Divinely-created human beings, we are meant to enjoy and embrace Life, and be filled with all of the “Divine Goodies”! We have the choice: to choose joy over suffering, triumph over trials, peace over chaos and confusion … We have the right to reclaim all that the Universe has for us, and re-empower ourselves in the process!

   In a supportive, relaxed and enjoyable group setting, participants learn and experience powerful, creative and transformative techniques to embrace life more fully, in a positive, uplifting and joyful way!

   As part of her lifetime commitment to serve and uplift others for the betterment of all, as well as sharing her own “truth of transformation”, Roslyn draws upon her experiences in the editorial, publishing, education and social service fields, working with a diversity of people, including the marginalised and special needs populations of Toronto.

  Both Joie de Vivre! and Golden Rule workshops are well-suited for the diverse populations of Toronto, (adults and youths alike) including corporate and community groups.





Photo - Scarboro Missions (Interfaith Desk)

  Wherever we go in our 21st century society, rules abound: personal rules, rules at home, among our peers and in the community. But there is one rule, found throughout history, that is worthy of our consideration – conveying a very simple, yet profound message – a rule for living! This is the Golden Rule. This ethic of reciprocity is expressed in many different ways, one of the more common of which is: treat others as we would like to be treated.

  The Golden Rule Workshop uses the Golden Rule poster as an ingenious tool for promoting reflection on, and techniques for, social justice, global unity, compassion, and peace. Created by Paul McKenna and the Interfaith Desk of Scarboro Missions, this visually-striking and powerful multifaith “statement” features the “golden rule” concept in 13 of the world’s faith traditions.

  An engaging experience of self-discovery and transformation, this interactive and creative workshop features activities/themes such as: non-violence, social justice, one family, words and circles of the “Golden Rule”, compassion and peace; individual reflection; group meditation; artistic and written activities, role playing, storytelling, music, prayer and gratitude.

  A typical Golden Rule workshop is about 2 hours in length, but can be geared for the group’s specifics (ie. lunchtime sessions, in-class presentations, full-day retreats). Well-suited for elementary and secondary school classes, youth groups, spiritual/religious and community groups (adults and/or youths), rehabilitation programs, as well as special needs or other specialized groups.


  Heart-based, inspirational and transformative tales, for the young and young-at-heart! Well-suited for groups and individuals with special needs, and those in transition/transformation.

A JOY article by Roslyn Rus    
SPIRITUALITY:   (an email newsletter)

A few of Roslyn’s experiences …

Author – “The Don” (history of the Don Valley)

Editorial Assistant – “Interfaithunity” Newsletter

Editor/Writer – city dweller

Editorial Consultant – The 519 Centre History Project

Researcher – City of Toronto Millennium Song

Editor – World Language Program’s phonemic dictionary (a UNESCO-endorsed project)

Editor – “Hans Christian Andersen Tales and Stories for All Ages”

Facilitator – Golden Rule Workshops, 6 St. Joseph House

Asst. Facilitator – Humour Workshops, Nonviolence Workshops, Scarboro Missions

Storyteller – Festive Earth Society’s Spring Fair

Co-Coordinator -- “Wednesday Suppers” (a weekly Community Outreach program)

Asst. Coordinator -- “Tuesday social program”, PACE East/CAMH

Asst. to Facilitator – DramaWay (a Special Needs drama group)

Member/Supporter of …

519 Community Centre

Ontario Association for Developmental Disabilities

Riverdale Community Business Centre

Scarboro Foreign Missions

Spectrum A & E Media

Toronto Vegetarian Association

Universal Worship Service (an Interfaith community)

What others say …

  “For some years now, Roslyn has been an active participant in the Toronto Interfaith community and has also been associated with the work of the Scarboro Missions Interfaith Desk. (We) have co-facilitated workshops on the Healing Power of Humour, and on the topic of Peace-making and Non-violence. Roslyn is now facilitating Golden Rule workshops herself, and I am happy to serve as a reference for her in this regard. Her passion for the subject matter is her chief asset in such a venture. …Given her professional background, Roslyn is in an excellent position to effectively deliver …workshops …with people who are disabled or who are experiencing particular challenges in their life.”
Paul McKenna, Co-ordinator, Interfaith Desk, Scarboro Missions

  “Roslyn has been involved with both of our programs (DramaWay, DramaWorks) as an Assistant as well as a Specialty Instructor….(She) was eager to develop and implement one of her Humour Workshops for us. We followed through and had her run a half-day workshop for our adult participants with developmental disabilities. This workshop went off very well, and the participants seemed to enjoy Roslyn and her approach.”
Danielle Strnad, Director, DramaWay

  “I have recently worked with Roslyn in conjunction with the Golden Rule Scarboro Missions workshop presentation … Roslyn is very attentive to detail, and presents well in a workshop setting. The content was well received, and it was a pleasure to work with Ms Rus on a professional level.”
John Plumadore, Community Development Director, Scouts Canada

Other references available upon request.


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